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Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell
Grant management
Oil painting, stained glass, cast glass
Hyattsville, MD

I come from a family with some very talented artists, but work a 9 to 5 job.  My mother taught china painting and my grandparents taught rosemaling.  I have taken stained glass classes, but I am self-taught in oil painting.  I have been painting for fun for around fifteen years and started with portraits of friends and landscapes from photos I have taken on trips.  I've lived in Hyattsville, MD since 2008 and do a lot of gardening. Many of my more recent paintings are from photos I have taken of flowers and birds in my yard.  With some of my unframed paintings, I have been using 1 and 1/2" deep canvases and painting the sides with an accent color to remove the need for a frame.  Lately, I have also experimenting with putting images of some paintings on pillows and hope to start participating in art shows soon.  I hope to paint more full time in a few years when I retire.  Many of the paintings shown here are available for sale and I will update the photo descriptions for ones that are sold or are not available because they are gifts or commissions.