For Sale at Fleisher's

Below is a list of our members' art that is currently on display and available for sale at Fleisher's Jewelers, 5200 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland. You may see a flyer associated with this exhibit by clicking here.

The art displayed at Fleisher's may be purchased at the store. Call (301) 699-5553 to inquire about the availability of a piece. If your choice has already been purchased, the artist may entertain a commission to produce a similar piece. Each artist's profile under Our Artists > Artist Profiles on our site menu contains examples of his or her style and interests. Items displayed in that Profile may no longer be available for purchase, but queries are welcome. Additional items currently being exhibited for sale can also be found at our other venues under the Art for Sale menu.

Note: The slides at the top of our home page illustrate additional art exhibitions for interested art patrons to view works produced by HCAA members. Exhibits change quarterly at PGPCC and every 60 days at the other venues.

The following Sales List can be printed by clicking on this link.