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Ellen Cort

Ellen Cort
Ellen Cort
Painting, Photography, Mixed Media
Cheverly, MD

My present work is based mostly on photography, watercolor, and oil painting to a lesser extent. I am in the explorative stage in creating collage from the palate of my leftover paint with flowers from my garden and other places of interest. Orchid was my first try at creating a collage it was an assignment for my digital imaging class at Prince Georges Community College. This piece was done solely by intuition. I discovered some interesting palates of acrylic paints left over from my paintings; they formed various shapes and textures. I scanned a few of these palates into Photoshop, and then I selected shapes in various sizes, texture, and colors. Next I enhanced each shape with various filters in Photoshop and arranged them into a composition. At this point the piece lacked interest; it needed another element to make it more interesting, so with further exploration I discovered this phalaenopsis orchid. The colors looked great; it added a nice contrast to the composition: I selected then pasted it into the composition for impact. Then it was appropriately named the piece Orchid.

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