Joseph Shepperd Rogers

Joseph Shepperd Rogers
Joseph Shepperd Rogers
Creative art and its application to any medium.
Landover, MD

Joseph Shepperd Rogers (aka AIVEN) says he is interested in any art medium as long as it is applied creatively. With an M.F.A. Degree from the University of North Carolina, and a B.F. Degree from Greensboro College in N.C., Joseph is well-equipped as a teacher and artist of provocative and original art work. Joe continued his training locally at the Corcoran School of Art in Wash. D.C. Where he later taught drawing and perspective. He also studied at the Rehobeth Art League, The Northern Virginia Art League in Alexandria, Va. under noted local artist, Lu Stovall, and the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, Md. Joe developed his art further at American University studying Mediterranean Medieval Art and Northern European Art under noted professor, Dr. Turak. This experience greatly influenced his current cryptic style, often depicting iconic Madonnas, beast-like creatures, and, sometimes, darkly (and often female) religious images. However, the viewer should not miss Roger's unique sense of humor that peeks through it all. Over the years, rogers has also taught art for Prince Georges Board of Education, and Columbia Institute of Art in Columbia, Md. He has enjoyed directorship of art galleries for Garfinkles in D.C. and A.H. Fettings Co. in Baltimore. Selected as a judge for Scholastic Art Awards (Wash. D.C.) for eight years, Admissions and Exhibitions Committee member for the Arts Club of Washington, D.C., and past board member and V.P. of the American Art League, Inc., Wash. D.C.. Joe has remained active in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

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